Build Stuff? Here are Adam Savage’s 10 Commandments for Makers



Notorious Adam Savage from “How It’s Made” give the ultimate advice he lives by when he takes on any project.

Follow these 10 commandments and don’t forget to watch the full video at the end!

1. Make something. Anything!
Bottom line just get going and start making something. Build, carve, cut, weld, break down, hammer, screw… Make something you’ve never seen before, make something new! Each and everyone of us is unique with a story to tell, tell that story in what you build.

2. Improve your life through your creations
Got a cool idea on how to automate your life, how to make a repetive job easier? Do it! But also make stupid little fun things as well.

3. Don’t wait
Stop with the excuses and just get started. You may not have all the materials and know-how but you’ll figure it out.

4. Use projects to learn new skills
There is no better way to learn a new skill than through have a goal. Find a project and that will become your goal. As you make you will use all your current skills as well as give your self the opportunity to practice and learn your new skills

5. Ask for help
There’s always going to be someone out there with more experience and knowledge than you. Share your wisdom and ideas and never be afraid to ask for help or feedback. As they say, 2 minds(or 3 or 4…) are better than 1!

6. Share what you know
As you learn and grow you will retain tricks that can be hugely beneficial to others. Take notes, make videos, write blogs, etc and share the knowledge. Never keep it a secret!

7. Discouragement and failure are a part of the process
Don’t get down on yourself and hide from your failures. These are where you learn the most. Stop comparing yourself to others, you are unique and no one can do what you can.

8. Measure carefully
Probably one of the most important craftsman can learn is how to precisely measure everything. One measurement off can throw off the entire stability and quality of your build. Measure, measure, measure and be precise.

9. Make things for others
Think outside yourself and give to others. Everyone loves a gift, but a handmade gift is the ultimate prize that no one else could provide.

10. Use more cooling fluid!
Personally I have no idea what this mean? Ideas?