Have a Terrible Attitude? Here’s How To Change It

Attitude is everything. Regardless of a situations the only thing that matters is how you handle it, which ultimately comes down to your attitude.

Lose your job? Are you the type that gets angry or do you get excited about the next opportunity that will come.
Depending on your attitude you can take any situation and make it out to be positive or negative… It’s completely up to you.

There is no benefit to dwelling on the negative so we’ve come up with X simple steps to develop and use a positive, good attitude.

Let’s do it!

good-people1. Surround yourself with people who are always positive. A famous quote states “You are the average of 5 people people you spend the most time with”. This quote applies to many areas on life but in this context it’s your attitude.

You know there are friends and family of yours that always turn things negative and there are those who are always positive. Stick with the optimistic ones in your life and you will naturally become more and more like them.

meditate2. Meditate… Wait, before you leave and think I’m getting all weird on you let me explain. Simply sitting in a quiet room or in nature will let you clear your mind and truly give you clarity in your thinking. This will let you see what’s really going on and see it’s really not that bad… Reflect on the situation, problem solve, and you will go far in life!



puppies3. Building on #1, surround yourself with ‘things’ that can’t help but be positive. Go spend time with puppies or children and I guarantee you can’t help but have a positive, uplifting attitude. Doubt it? Try it!



smile4. Smile. If you don’t feel like smiling, fake it. Watch a stand up comedy and make yourself smile. A smile has been proven to completely change the state you are in so there are no excuses.



lifting-weights5. Go run, lift or sweat any way possible. Again, exercise has been proven to lift your spirit, improve your attitude, and make you more confident. Not to mention you should be doing it anyway. If you really have a bad attitude go run a mile and tell me how you feel.



body-language6. Change your body language. Did you know that body language consists of 65% of how you communicate? This does not only apply to how you communicate with others but how you communicate with yourself. Change that negative mindset immediately by lifting your head high, pushing your shoulders back and see how it immediately changes your attitude.



gratitude7. Stop thinking about what you want and think of what you already have. Conveying gratitude and reflecting on everything you have(big or small) will let you see how fortunate you really are and will ultimately change how you feel.




helping-others8. Instead of thinking of how to improve your attitude or situation go out and help someone else. It can be as simple and motivating someone, helping them figure out a problem, or buying someone lunch. Helping others naturally boosts your attitude and makes you feel better, stronger, and more in control.



Listen. We all have a bad attitude every once in a while. It’s natural. The problem is, whether bad or good, it becomes a habit. Depending on which way you lean you will start going and more and more in that direction. YOU NEED TO PRACTICE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. So next time you are in a funk, try 1 or all of the tips above and if it doesn’t help you change that crappy attitude you can come back and complain about it ;-).